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These dastardly dual-wielders are like blenders on roller skates, except worse. You can try to keep your distance, but they’ll soon close in on you, or else just huck a fireball your way. Be careful attacking when their blades are crossed; … Continued


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If you want to rock these baddies’ world, aim for the face; their pointy posteriors will only deflect your blows. Physical attacks will pass through them when they sand-travel, but spells still hit home, so mash that magic! When they gather … Continued


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Hit these sopping scoundrels while they’re coated in water and they’ll only teleport away. That’s your cue to bring the magical heat; a Fire spell will evaporate that shield in no time. Don’t get caught out in their rain, or you’ll … Continued


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Make snuffing out these flame-flinging fiends a top priority, or you’re toast! And whoever said to fight fire with fire never met these things; your red-hot spells won’t even tickle. When in danger, they’ll burst into flames and really bring the … Continued


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Your best bet against these feather-flinging dive-bombers is a blast of magic to keep them still just long enough to lay down some hits. If they drop to the floor, get ready for a nasty spinning charge attack. Jump over … Continued


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these souped-up Shadows hit hard and fast with their jump attacks; if they’re in the air, better get out of there. Once they melt into the ground, they’re beyond the reach of most attacks, but that’s nothing a little Water magic … Continued


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These shifty shades skulk around, then strike out of the blue. Stay locked on to make sure they don’t give you the slip. They’re immune to normal attacks when they dive beneath the surface, but a splash of Water magic will … Continued

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What goes into a blog post? Helpful, industry-specific content that: 1) gives readers a useful takeaway, and 2) shows you’re an industry expert. Use your company’s blog posts to opine on current industry topics, humanize your company, and show how … Continued