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What is Anime?

A: Anime is an English name for the style of art and animation developed by (but no longer exclusively produced by) the Japanese. The word "anime" is just the Japanese word for animation (of any kind), and it is pronounced "Annie-May" (both like the English names). Other occasionally used words are Japanimation, Japanime, and manga (which is the Japanese word for comic books and animation in general).

Who created anime, and when?

A: The art form we now call "anime" doesn't have a specific birthdate, and it wasn't exactly created by anyone. But, partly as a result of being either the first or among the first to use the big-eyed style, Tezuka Osamu is generally considered the "father" of anime. He started creating comics in 1947, which were extremely popular, and at the beginning of 1963 Tetsuwan Atomu (known outside Japan as Astro Boy) began airing. That is generally considered the first anime-style animated production. Animation had been produced in Japan as early as 1917, but the style was generally different from what is now considered anime.

You keep using weird acronyms or words in your reviews. What do they mean?

A: The most common question is about OAV/OVA, both of which refer to a straight to video miniseries, usually with between 4 and 6 parts. For more detailed definitions of that and a lot of other useful terms